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harry potter graphics battle: slytherns vs. julainblackthorn

—topic: One Canon Pairing (Tonks + Lupin)

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Keeping Up With the Cullens - Renesmee’s Birthday Special

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Happy 8th Birthday Renesmee Carlie Cullen {9.10.06}

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The Cullens In the News- Rosalie Hale 1933

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How could you know that, Bella? Look at my mother, look at my sister. It’s not as easy a sacrifice as you imagine." -Edward.

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do you think taylor lautner has war-like flash backs of shark boy and lava girl

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    TIFF ‘14: Robert Pattinson reacts to sister’s X-Factor audition



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f o r e v e r

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daddy edward by burdge

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Renesmee and Edward.

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